Data Security

We Protect Data – Yours & Your Guests

One of the biggest challenges for today’s hoteliers is ensuring that data – whether that data belongs to the hotel or to its guests – is kept safe from corruption and from uncontrolled access.

At VSi, we have no higher priority!

We achieve an incomparable level of data and transaction security through a careful combination of the latest software and hardware techniques.

For example, our revolutionary software and system architecture for business centers features FreshStart™ -- a proprietary technology developed by VSi that keeps multiple-user computer systems reliable and virus-free. When a user logs out of a computer equipped with FreshStart, the entire system is rebuilt with a new Windows operating system, factory settings, and applications – all existing files, personal data, and usage history are permanently erased, as are any viruses, worms, sniffers, and non-standard programs.

Similarly, we have extensive safeguards on behalf of cloud-based data storage services associated with our mAPPs products.

Ultimately, security is based on trust – and we know that trust is hard gained, easily lost, and never fully regained. We focus on security procedures and protocols so you – and your guests – can trust our products, our people, and our promises.

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