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The Savant is an innovative USB security key. It offers an easy and secure way with 2-factor security access to your PC from anywhere without downloading and installing any remote client software on a local machine.

Savant delivers unparalleled hardware security and simplicity to consumers and enterprises of all sizes at an affordable price.


Savant is a USB device that allows easy remote access to a user’s PC, from any other PC, without needing any administrative account privileges or assistance of IT staff; knowledge about installing complex remote access software installation; need for remembering web links or complicated user names and passwords. All they need to do is to insert Savant in a local PC using a personal identification number (PIN) – just like using an ATM card – to gain access to their PC remotely.

Savant offers strong authentication and higher levels of security as it uses 2 factor authentication – something that you know (a PIN) and something you carry (a USB device) with you. It uses public key cryptography to protect against phishing attacks, malware, session hijackings, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

It establishes a secure association between a SAVANT-100 USB and your PC that you want to access remotely with the help of a patent-pending pairing software. After the completion of this pairing process, you no longer need to carry your laptop with you when you travel. Go to any PC accessible to you, and insert your SAVANT-100 USB in it. SAVANT-100 USB starts acting like a “hardware key” after validating your PIN, and allows you instantaneous accessing to your own PC remotely.

A more advanced version of this software, i.e., SAVANT-200, allows easy access to multiple computer accounts on one or more remote computers using a single Master USB key – much the same way as SAVANT-100, by using a single PIN associated with the USB device for multiple computers.


Savant™ Advantages

Easy Access

    • Use SAVANT-100 to access your PC remotely. Use a single mouse click to access any PC without needing any administrative privileges.

Strong Security

    • Strong 2-factor authentication using public key cryptography to protect against phishing attacks, malware, session hijacking, and main-in-the-middle attacks.

High Privacy

    • No data is stored in client’s local machine. Your data does not leave the building.


    • Eliminates the need to buy and manage secure laptops for remote users. No remote client software updates required.

Easy to use

    • SAVANT-100 works out-of-the-box.
      Insert Savant into the USB slot of the client PC and you are ready to go.

Easy to Install

    • Only a single step required for pairing Savant with your PC. It does not require installing any software on client computer.


    • SAVANT-100 works with all versions of Windows O/S and Apple Macs.