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BlockChain - Based

Degree Verification System

Academic degree verification and certification process currently used by educational in- stitutions worldwide is a manual process and is extremely inefficient. In addition, the current process is error-prone and an easy target for manipulation and fraud. In some cases, educational institutions use 3rd parties, acting as trusted partners, to verify the integrity of the student's records, which in turn makes the verification process unwieldy and expensive.

With the advent of BlockChain technology, now it is possible to create an extremely effi- cient, cost-effective and robust solution for document and degree verification and certi- fication, which totally eliminates the possibility of data modification or fraud by anyone. BlockChain technology is a digitized, decentralized data structure using public ledger for storing all transactions. The underlying technology is a distributed peer-to-peer record- keeping solution that builds a system of trust among various participants. BlockChain technology provides an unprecedented level of security and guarantees that the data stored is immutable and cannot be tampered with, thus eliminating any possi- bility of data fraud. Since BlockChain is decentralized, there is no single point of failure. In addition, data stored on BlockChain is encrypted, hence only a certified and authenti- cated user has access and can share this data.

VSi has developed and deployed a Degree Verification System (DVS) using BlockChain Technology. It is based on an Oracle-based Campus management System (CMS) that pro- vides a platform for recording information relating to all activities of the students during their academic life, including student records, transcripts, and degree information. Student Portal allows authorized users, after authentication, to access and query their credentials and select a portion of the records they wish to share with the potential em- ployer or interested parties, securely.

Academia Portal allows authorized users after authentication, to access and edit the cre- dentials of students. Once their changes are submitted, a transaction is written to the BlockChain network, updating the ledger with new record, that cannot be modified.

3rd Party Industry Portal allows registered users such as potential employers and other interested parties, after authentication, to request transcripts and degree certification of potential candidates.

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BlockChain - Based

Farm Operation Management System

Farm Operations Management System (FOMS) is a BlockChain-based platform that allows Farmers, their Lenders and Agri-Business customers, to better trace and track assets and provide lending institutions deeper and accurate information about their financial health. FOMS has the functionality, security and storage capacity required for users to enter standard fields of information that can be compared and analyzed by lending organizations. FOMS is driven by the primary objective of producing financial, operational and quality assurance reports. These reports are required from the farmers as part of the loan processing by lending organizations such as banks. The reports are dependent on a large amount of information about the infrastructure of farm, livestock information, operations of farm and conformance to the best practices.

    •   Administrative frontend:to manage the entire software by administrators of each stakeholder.

    •   Application frontend (IOS, Android and web-based):to enter initial, event-driven and periodic information about assets of the farm(s), by farmers and field managers.

    •   Interface with financial systems:to process the payments to/from the farmers.

    •   Backend data store:to add new information and time-stamped based immutable modification of existing information using BlockChain-based storage system.

    •   Reports generation interface:to produce pre-defined and customized financial and productivity report types.

FOMS Design Overview

Administrator Frontend of FOMS:

The administrator frontend is an easy to use icon-based web interface, with clear functionality segregation. The administrator frontend is based on BlockChain, which is secured using private key infrastructure and automatically embeds the hierarchy of approvals.

    •   Frontend parameter addition and modification interface. This interface is used to modify the existing farm metrics and add/delete new metrics. Using BlockChain, with dynamic asset definitions significantly simplifies the task of asset attribute modification as well as asset addition and removal from the system, with an immutable audit trail.

    •   Reports generation interface. The administrators are provided with a set of pre-defined reporting options based on user information. Lending organizations are given access to this interface to generate relevant reports related to loan products that they need in real-time. The BlockChain-based system uses smart contracts to automatically generate the desired reports.

    •   New report generation/modification interface. This interface is used to dynamically produce new reports and/or modify the existing reports.

    •   Software version control interface. Through this interface, the administrators are able to push the changes in parameters and reports to the operational mobile apps and backend software. BlockChain treats software as an asset to the system. Consequently, software version management is embedded in the BlockChain development platform.

    •   Datastore backup and clean up interface. This interface is used by administrators to backup stored information.

Frontend Interface for Farmers and DDEs:

Farmers can use the Android/iOS app or the website interface to enter the data of their farms and view the reports. The interface consists of input forms for assets and attributes of assets as configured by pre-defined parameters and modifications from administrators.

    •   Dairy Farm Infrastructure information (area, facilities, the total number of cattle, etc.) can be entered When a new farm gets added to the FOMS, the farmer adds information relating to farm infrastructure using this interface.

    •   Cattle information (add, update), much like farm infrastructure information, can be added by farmers to add the cattle information into the system using this interface.

    •   Farm operational information (fodder, production, utility cost, etc.) is updated periodically. Examples of operation information including but not limited to:

    •   Daily actual milk production of each cattle

    •   Daily fodder consumption of each cattle

    •   Datastore backup and clean up interface. This interface is used by administrators to backup stored information.

Financial system interface:

The financial system interface facilitates farmers with financial transactions related to farm operations only.

Backend Storage:

The data entered by the farmers will be stored in the backend data store in a secure way such that the data of each farm is accessible only by the farmer or the designated administrator. The versioning, immutability, and security of the information is taken care of by the design of the BlockChain.

Reporting Interface:

The reporting interface will consist of two main parts:

1.  Pre-defined report generation.

    •   Loan repayment record of a farmer

    •   Cashflow for farm

    •   The balance sheet of a farm for a specific period

    •   Farm Infrastructure record

    •   Cattle vaccination report

    •   Livestock tracking report

    •   Farm production report

    •   Farm operations report

    •   Cross farms comparison reports

2.  Interface for additional report generation and modification allows Administrators to define new reports based on their business needs.

For additional information, Contact sales@ver-sys.com.