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FreshStart™  -  Secure PC Technology

VSi’s ’ FreshStart™ technology offers a guaranteed virus-free environment for each user, ensuring full security and erasing all user data as well any transactional information from the system after every use, thus providing complete user privacy.

VSi’s proven proprietary FreshStart technology has been installed in over 10,000 public or guest use computers in the hospitality industry since 2001.

    •   Bank ATMs machines

    •   Multi-purpose Kiosks

    •   Business Center PCs

    •   Transient and Guest use machines

    •   Government and high security locations

FreshStart™ Advantages

Guaranteed Security

Protection from:

    •   Virus or malicious software

    •   Malware affecting the 'Boot-Sector'

    •   Key-Logger software installed by previous user

    •   Anti 'auto-saved' data by the OS or Applications

    •   Un-authorized changes to Drivers - Settings - Registeries

Data Privacy Protection

    • After every use, all user data and any transaction information is deleted thus guaranteeing 100% user data privacy.

O/S Image Protection

    • Each new user gets to work on a machine that has original O/S image and the system is totally clean, thus offering a complete secure environment.

Gold Image Retention

    • The system retains the Gold Image that may consiste of the Original OS directories, applications, services, network settings, and user interface customization.

System Updates via Remote Access

    • The system may be updated using remote software tools with the ability to go to the prior image in case there is a problem with the latest version.

Multi-OS Support

    • The FreshStart software technology is available for Windows OS and Android environment.

24/7/365 Technical Support

    • VSi provides comprehensive round-the-clock customer support.