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Examples of Custom Solutions developed by VSi team

mobile application development

Mobile Application Development

Whether it’s automating manual processes or enhancing your workflow. Vsi can implement your idea into a sleek, easy-to-use mobile application that works on any platform (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile).



TraveLight™ service allows guests to check-in their luggage anywhere from Airports, Hotels, Resorts and Seaport. The bags are delivered to the desired destination before guest arrival. Guests have a hassle-free experience with more time to conduct business, explore cities, all without lugging around bags.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Table-top, touch-screen terminal for self-service ordering of food, beverages. Allows tables to be served and “turned” faster. Guests can pay with their credit cards at the table, and access internet, social sites while waiting.



Avoid the frustration of long waiting lines. Hotel staff can greatly improve workflow efficiency, and proactively check-in and check-out Guests in line, and even take their payment on the touch-screen tablet.